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[10 Nov 2019|11:59pm]
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Third person story book preferred.

Random scenes okay

Adult scenes okay


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For [info]lostinastorymod [11 Nov 2013|12:07am]
Character Name: Laurel Lance
Canon, AU, OC: AU - Crossover with Suits.
If AU how so: After the death of Tommy and Oliver leaving, Laurel accepted a position in the DA's office in New York City. Within three months she was there, she started to make a name for herself and started catching the eyes of top law firms, especially the eyes of Harvey Specter. He tried to get her into his firm, but when sh refused, he asked her out and shockingly, Laurel said yes. The pair have been dating off and on for two months now.
Canon Point: End of S1 for Arrow and middle of S1 of Suits.

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